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AlfredTEN commented on "Freezing even inside a car - the answer "Tim Hortons Coffee Latte"" 2017-03-30 2:19am

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Muratrig commented on "Biggggg Coffee" 2017-03-30 2:18am

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BennySaf commented on "A right of passage - (aka Canadian Bridge Jumping)" 2017-03-30 2:01am

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Bennythomo commented on "Freezing even inside a car - the answer "Tim Hortons Coffee Latte"" 2017-03-30 1:54am

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Ama Othman
AmaTheBestest commented on "The Red & White Golden Doughnut" -0001-11-30 12:00am

omg!! my storys up!! woot woot!! Go CANADA Go!! :D [


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