Every Cup - Reunited after 40 years.

Reunited after 40 years.

Reunited after 40 years.


On Facebook, I found a name that I recognized, someone I met when I was 10. We were "friends" on Facebook for about four months when she messaged me asking me if I was from Wiarton. I said yes, you and I were best buddies when we were little girls. She suggested that we meet for coffee or something, I agreed. Three months past, with both of us too busy to get together. Finally this month I sent her my phone number and she called. We agreed to meet at Tim Hortons, after one mix up we were finally going to meet and have coffee. I arrived at the designated Tim Hortons a little early, got a coffee and sat so that I could see the door. How was I going to recognized her I wondered, it had been 40 years since I had seen her, her family had moved to Guelph the summer that we would have been going into high school. I watched a couple of women, thinking that could be her she has brown hair, not curly like I remember but that could have changed, but she got her coffee to go. There were a couple of others who might have been her, but didn't look around for someone or they also got their coffees to go. Finally I looked up at the door, and saw a face I recognized, I couldn't believe it, she looked just the same, just a little older. We sat and drank our coffee and filled each other in on the last 40 years, and then laughing till we had tears we attempted to get a picture of us together on my phone. We finally managed to get one that was passable and one we agreed could be posted on Facebook. We had discovered that since she had just moved, we now lived 5 blocks apart,we went our separate ways agreeing to meet again for coffee at the Tim Hortons that was now just down the road from both of us.



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