Every Cup - A coffee a Day Keeps Smiles Coming my Way

A coffee a Day Keeps Smiles Coming my Way



I would take the bus to work every morning with a Tim Horton's coffee in hand. I would rarely make the seven o'clock bus as I was not much a morning bird. The bus driver would see me running like a maniac and screaming frantically but would close the doors and drive away hastily as though he was determined to make me wait for twenty minutes in the cold for the next bus. Unfortunately, this happened a few times a week and when I did happen to get onto his bus, he would greet me with a wicked stare.

One morning as I was being served by one of Tim Horton's smiling faces, I ordered two cups of coffee. "Why not?" I thought to myself. It was worth a shot. I actually made it to the bus station in time. As I was stepping onto the bus, I watched the bus driver as he looked at the coffee licking his lips. "Here," I said as I handed him the warm cup of heaven. He didn't know what to say. "Uh oh wow, uh thanks!" He stammered in shock. He even forced a smile. I sat down near the front of the bus. The aroma of Tim Horton's Coffee filled the morning air.

The next day, I once again ordered two cups of coffee but upon leaving Tim Horton's, saw that the bus was already at my stop. "Oh shucks," I thought to myself but to my surprise, he didn't leave. In fact he opened the bus doors and waited for me with an ear to ear smile. "Thanks so much for waiting!" I said as I walked onto the bus. "Thanks for being a friend," he said as I handed him his coffee.



Claudete posted 2014-03-27 8:37am

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Mala posted 2014-03-24 2:54pm

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Inimiorel posted 2014-03-24 1:20am

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