Every Cup - Tim Hortons Official 50th Anniversary TV Commercial

Tim Hortons Official 50th Anniversary TV Commercial



From everywhere we've been, to everywhere we're going. Thank you for 50 great years!



Soufian posted 2015-10-29 10:40am

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Dennis posted 2015-10-27 7:39pm

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Filomena posted 2015-10-26 2:38am

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Emiko posted 2015-10-24 4:49pm

The PC commercial is all kinds of fail.First of all, that<a href="http://uhwytdvesly.com"> smspeokan</a> needs a haircut.Second, our alpine ski team has been one gigantic epic disappointment after another. Is PC sure it wants to attach its brand to such abject failure?On the other hand, that Tim Hortons commercial with the immigrant family is perfection

Sude posted 2015-10-23 11:26pm

holy crap, CG:i have made the same bloody joke every time the McDonald's jurggels come on. i turn to my wife and say, if I were standing in line watcihng this display, I'd holler:"I didn't come in here for the flikkin' Cirque du Soleil. Get me my flikkin' 600 calories of hashbrown and mcmuffin. Pronto".


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