Every Cup - Ice on me please

Ice on me please

Ice on me please


Before I tell this story I have to say that I did have a choice. I could have filed a complaint at Tim Horton’s and gone for the free “Timmy’s card” but I don’t think this customer service experience can be measured in coffee beans. In fact outside of its comedic value, I really don’t think it’s worth anything. But it’s definitely a story worth telling! Last Thursday (Sept. 25th) I was on a routine stop at my local Timmy’s (8501 Hwy 25 N, Milton) It is a requirement of my job that I wear a uniform, and use a company vehicle, as was the case on this day. Radio communication is imperative so I go through the drive through, instead of exiting the vehicle. Anyway enough of covering my behind, I shouldn’t have been in the drive through in the first place. In front of me is another employee I recognize, he nods at me through his side mirror. He was chatting up the Timmy’s lady in the drive through window. I waited patiently because I know that this lady is a pleasant part of the Tim Horton’s experience, and they need more people like her (Just saying). I had ordered 2 large ice capps through the speaker (one for a co-worker) and a fresh bagel for myself. As I drove up I was greeted with the usual smile from the lady at the window. She leaned over with the ice capps in a tray, preparing for a routine transition from her hands to mine. This would have seamlessly taken place as it does thousands of times a day throughout the Tim Horton’s marketplace, had it not been for a bee that was hanging around the sliding window waiting for my arrival. As it flew between our hands, the ice capps started to come at me at a rapid pace. Now I am not saying it was, or wasn’t this lady’s fault, I’m just saying that the bee did have some influence on the speedy arrival of these 2 very cold drinks. So, I suspect you know what happens next…nope, disaster was diverted. The ice capps hit the side of my vehicle and spilled down the driver’s door. The lady thinks fast, she leaves and quickly returns with a cup of water and washes off the side of my vehicle. That was a close one, now the task at hand is to see if we can actually get the replacement ice capps through my window and into my hands. I look around…no bee in sight. She has the new large ice capps in the tray combined with the (getting stale) bagel on the side. She reaches through; I am waiting for the tray to get within my reach. It’s almost here and I will be on my way leaving the bad experience, and the bee behind me. Nope! For whatever reason, she leans forward and both ice capps came tumbling out of the tray and this time into my lap! Caffeine was not the reason I was jumping out of my seat! There was ice cap debris everywhere, on the dash, the radio equipment, the widows, and all over my clothes. My once, very white shirt had been transformed to a beige shirt. There was a puddle on each side of the vehicle on the floor, and the controls were so sticky that the buttons would not release after being pushed. The lady at the window was devastated! I tried to tell her not to worry about it but I don’t think it helped. The manager came out with some rags and went back into the store. I cleaned up what I could and went back in to get my now, 5th, and 6th ice capp. The transition went smooth and without incident. Also on the tray was what appeared to be a rock or a stone that perhaps I could use to break out of my van should the doors become stuck from ice capp residue. As it turned out, it was the original bagel that I had asked for. As I was leaving, the manager came back out to me. He apologized for the incident and handed me what I assumed was his business card. I thought to myself how clever, a business card that looks like a cup of coffee. I opened it up, nope not a business card. It was a free cup of coffee. Nothing like a free cup of coffee to remind you that you just had 4 cups dumped on you. I want to thank this manager for settling up so quickly, and for putting a monetary value on the incident. It gave me the sense of purpose that I needed to write this story. The only thing I ask is that they keep that awesome lady at the drive through, I’m sincere about that. I have already spent my settlement. Tom Lovatt



Yori DeBortoli
yoridebor8 posted 2016-06-29 3:56pm

lovely story! Tim Horton's staff are this friendly everywhere!

Tom Lovatt posted 2015-11-20 3:34pm

Wow, 20,000 reads and no comments......


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