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When filling up my car at a local gas station on Christmas eve day, I noticed a man picking through the garbage can, and looking for loose cigarettes....to which he found one, lit it and began to walk up the road hitchhiking. I thought for a moment how lucky I was, and wondered what brought this man to this spot in his life.....because everyone has a story. I went inside, paid for my fuel...... I bought a large package of cigarettes, and drove up the road in the mans direction. A little way up the hill the man was still hitchhiking....it was cold, snowing but very wet and slushy out. I had hidden the carton of cigarettes in my center console, and I pulled over to pick him up. "Are you heading to the city?", he asked......I was not going anywhere near but it was only 20 mins out of my way and I had time. "Absolutely", I replied. He was appreciative, and immediately upon asking " how's your day?", he started telling his story. He had a great job at the local dry dock once upon a time, but a car accident in his new 5.0 liter Mustang he bought new and was so proud of, rendered him with a disability and pain that didn't allow him to continue to work. Not having great insurance he turned to pills, then alcohol to help with the pain, that turned into an addiction...... which brought him to where he was years later. Amazing how one person can go from thriving to not, in a short period due to circumstances not chosen. Near where he lived was a local Tim Hortons. I offered to stop and get him a meal and a coffee. He accepted the coffee graciously but wasn't hungry at the time. Instead of buying him a meal, I bought him the coffee and a $40 gift card to be used whenever he needed. It wasn't much but was what I was able to do at the time. I surprised him with the cigarettes when I dropped him off, and he was so thankful. I told him about seeing him earlier, and said "just help someone someday and Merry Christmas". We ALL have a story. Be kind.


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