Every Cup - Part 1 - The Tim Hortons Great Coffee Conversation

Part 1 - The Tim Hortons Great Coffee Conversation



We've travelled from coast to coast to hear what people love about Tim Hortons coffee.



Farid posted 2015-10-29 10:39am

Well, I have some mixed feelings about this issue. Employers are supopsed to protect a woman’s job if she takes a period of leave to have a baby. Not sure if that’s an EI problem…human rights? IHMO, it is neither of those but, rather, a labour issue. I don't see EI as a human right but, rather, an insurance plan into which we pay. I fully support parental leave but not a full year. I believe that the first three months, the mother is the ideal parent to nurture and care for a baby (just my personal opinion) but the next 3 months could be the father or the mother. I'd cap the leave at 6 months, to be honest.I am not sure how the EI system works (thank God for that) but is a non-mother/new parent allowed a full year of EI payments if he or she loses his or her job? The one time I was on EI, it was for a week or two back in 1982 when Trudeau's brilliant leadership led us into a huge recession and I was laid off. I collected a week or two of payments and I do know that, although I had paid into the system for years, I was definitely not entitled to a year's worth of payments.I believe that stay-at-home parents should receive a significant tax break that is, the breadwinner should receive a significant tax break. The Liberal government has turned a completely deaf ear to the requests of stay-at-home parents and the NDP won't even hear of such an outlandish idea as parents who stay home.I agree with Paul re: the two-week waiting period. Considering that a person's very first pay cheque has EI taken off, this waiting period is totally wrong. It serves no purpose and it is criminal that the government makes it so difficult to access our own money.It's not well-known but employers sometimes get screwed over. If a person has two jobs, his EI premiums are capped to an annual limit. Yet, both employers pay full premiums as their share thus swelling the EI fund past what it should really be. The government refuses to change this because it would indicate that a particular employee is working two jobs. There is a way around this, however, the company could be refunded by the total surplus it paid without identifying the employee. However, it would not work in the EI fund's favour and, thus, employers are screwed over.WCT I think the dealer would make the payments in the interim but you'd end up repaying the dealer. I'm not positive, however, having always paid cash for my cars. If the dealer does make the payments and you don't have to repay, you'd most likely have to purchase some sort of insurance plan.Joanne I have never disagreed with you before and I tried to find some way to support your idea but I'm afraid I cannot. I feel terrible about it but I simply cannot go along with your support of this bill. I do apologize for that. http://gomgcght.com [url=http://hocmjb.com]hocmjb[/url] [link=http://bdtmgcd.com]bdtmgcd[/link]

Ryan posted 2015-10-27 7:38pm

Anon 5:53 pm - Really? Jack is moving into Stornaway based on<a href="http://umtfedjwp.com"> adtentance</a> records? I hope, for the sake of the NDP's long-term success, it was something more than that.I'm with Robert - it was the GST hike threat ad. But you skipped the Francophone ads this year. I understand the NDP French ads were pretty good, and I know nothing about the other three parties in French.

Harni posted 2015-10-26 2:38am

Agreed that the nastiest one could be Tim Horton's - very dossineht to blame Harper for a hospital design decision made by a (NDP) provincial government.The Liberals "Health Risk" (#5) is also quite nasty. Very dark, very negative, and also very dossineht. Absolute power? Quotes from 2002? And one misattributed quote? Suggesting health care has been cut, and by 11 billion?As for the dirtiest Tory ad, the one with the GST cut was the worst. Not a quote from a speech, or the House, or from the platform, but an out-of-context sound bite from who-knows-when-and-where. http://jglyon.com [url=http://nhhtjtrwpy.com]nhhtjtrwpy[/url] [link=http://ylwddtl.com]ylwddtl[/link]

Alfonso posted 2015-10-24 4:49pm

LOVE ths skirt so much! Take a look on and feel free to follow me, I'm <a href="http://jmvellqgmm.com">fonwolilg</a> you. I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have you can add me too or . I would be so glad. , Jo

Moni posted 2015-10-23 10:36pm

Haha thanks for the reeindmr about the Jack Daniels and Soda Water it was actually 10 Euro's, which is about $15.00CAD. Yeah, it was expensive, but comparatively not as expensive as your Coke still! haha.Any who, in-case anyone is interested I finally got my photo's online. Sorry for the delay I know I disappointed both Karla and Brianne for taking so long.1. England Pictures: 2. Spain Picutres:


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