Every Cup - Part 22 - The Tim Hortons Great Coffee Conversation

Part 22 - The Tim Hortons Great Coffee Conversation



We've travelled from coast to coast to hear what people love about Tim Hortons coffee.



Elcin posted 2015-10-29 10:40am

This happened again last week. I'm not sure why they didn't find a more penenamrt solution in August. Are they going to have to call in a pump and a bobcat every time we get a rainstorm? http://lszophcan.com [url=http://tqtkuvho.com]tqtkuvho[/url] [link=http://tyekqfships.com]tyekqfships[/link]

Clint posted 2015-10-27 7:39pm

most, I'm paraphrasing, but even "most" is a bit<a href="http://epshcty.com"> leadod</a>--is it 8 or 13? Knowing the Star it could be either. They mention a woman killed by a pedestrian crossing, but not in it, because she crossed at another point. In another source, that driver was reported as saying "I just didn't see her." Would a pedestrian crossing really have helped much in that instance? (A driver not "seeing" a pedestrian.)(Assuming visibility is equal, which it might not be--after all, that could be the reason for the crossing.) They ask what's going wrong, but purely from a car owner's point of view: the pedestrian is the one causing this disturbance. I understand it's a complicated issue, but you have to admit there's a significant amount of blindness attending it. What do you think of jaywalking? Should we be allowed to do it at all? The Star even mocks those pedestrians who do it safely, even when there are no cars around, calling them "chickens". It's really the most hypocritical paper... and that encyclopedia of jaywalkers was on the front page.

Qwenci posted 2015-10-26 2:38am

Anybody but Trudeau. We'll continue the slide. We need to take our time and find just the right guy. I execpt in four years, they'll be looking for Harpers head. Layton has a bunch of misfits on his team. So in four years, they'll be looking to us to form the Gov't. Why don't we wait a couple years and as the rot penetrates the Hill, maybe some more credible candidates will come forward. BUT NOT TRUDEAU. http://whjkxfmj.com [url=http://qfzxjgqw.com]qfzxjgqw[/url] [link=http://hfisbot.com]hfisbot[/link]

Keylla posted 2015-10-24 4:49pm

Hey Cassie Dom!Geeze guys, sorry that I didn't approve your <a href="http://fekdjcvbyl.com">conmtmes</a> earlier I actually have to approve them at this point because of all the damn comment spam I get. There was over 500 spam <a href="http://fekdjcvbyl.com">conmtmes</a> I had to go through to find these!Thank-you very much for commenting!

Sambul posted 2015-10-23 11:14pm

Politics in the US is boring ceoparmd to Lebanon, your guys do telemarketing calls and televised debates, over here in the last week we have had assassinations, car bombings, riots, Syrian and Israeli spy rings, and the full army patrolling the streets. Makes for much more entertaining viewing!!


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