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Some of our favourite stories come from the campers at Tim Horton Childrens Foundation camps. The Tim Horton Memorial Camp in Parry Sound, Ontario opened its doors in 1975 to honour Tim Hortons desire to help less fortunate children. For many kids, Tim Horton Childrens Foundation camps offer their first trip away from home. Its a chance to have fun, to develop confidence and life skills, and to build memories to last a lifetime. Today the Tim Horton Childrens Foundation runs five camps in Canada, and we opened our first U.S. location in 2001. This year, we were able to give the benefits of a week at camp to over 13,000 disadvantaged children.



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bobbylicrice posted 2014-04-23 3:03pm

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Davis MacDonald
Camper-Davis posted 2009-06-03 6:10pm

I was a camper at this camp during the making of this video and apear near the end, but when I look at this video I see the years. I see that no matter how hard I scrub camp will always be embeded into me. Camp has left an ever-lasting inpression on me and changed me as person, for the better.


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