Every Cup - Spilling into Success

Spilling into Success



One morning at the Don Mills and Lawrence Tim Hortons, I was sitting down to enjoy my fresh brewed morning cup of coffee. The place was crowded as it usually is so I sat beside a very stressed looking customer who had placed a pile of papers across the table. As we exchanged morning greetings, I set my double double down and accidently knocked it over. A wave of hot coffee spilled out onto all her papers, damaging all her work. Anticipating a tongue lashing for my unforseen clumsiness, I quickly extended an apology as I helped her wipe up the mess. To my surprise, she responded, " It does not really matter anyways, this resume is not getting me a job" I then realized my clumsiness had caused the destruction of her resume and other documents needed for her job search. I introduced myself to her and asked her if I could help her in anyway. I informed her that I was a professional Employment Coach and could work on her resume and cover letter to help her target the job of her dreams. After much discussion, I learned from her that she was a single mother of a teenage daughter who had lost her job. I also learned that if she did not find a job within 3 months, her Employment Insurance benefits would run out and she would lose her rental apartment. Luckily, she had her laptop with her with an extra resume and cover letter and I quickly went to work on it with her. After several hours of discussion and revamping of her skills and experience, she was set to apply for the position she was targeting as a Customer Service Representative at a bank. I asked her to give me a call if she was successful at getting an interview, we then parted ways and she thanked me for my assistance. About 3 weeks passed and I was standing in line at the same Tim Hortons when the woman rushed up to me and surprised me with a big hug, "I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I got the job at the bank a few days ago and it was mostly because of your help and assistance. I blushed and thanked her and wished her continued success. As I sat down to enjoy my morning cup of coffee, a big smile came to my face, I was smiling because not only is the coffee so good at Tim Hortons but once in a while a lot of good can come out of a little coffee spill.



Kelly Smith
ur_4love posted 2011-11-12 8:01am

Thank you for caring & loving in this world. We need more folks like you. Enjoy your Timmy's & keep up the fabulous 'passing the love on.' Kelly

cbdance posted 2011-10-24 3:24am

This was a fantastic story!!!! I'm surprised it's only # 6..... it's definitely the best 1 of the top 6 so far-GOOD LUCK!!!!

Paula Bing
paulabing posted 2011-10-22 9:54pm

Really cool story. Life has a funny way of helping you out...doesn't it? Congratulations on your story and being awesome.

brisco posted 2011-10-20 4:34pm

What a very nice piece of storytelling.

jessalori posted 2011-10-19 10:32pm

Thats fantastic! this is a good storie, and also made me smile :) the ending is really great.
and i also agree with timw28


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