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A Sense of Home

A Sense of Home


Thousands of miles away from my family, I would stand in line with my fellow soldiers in arms, British, American, Dutch, Australian and Canadian patiently waiting for my turn to order a bit of home. It is amazing what the line meant to me each day. It was a chance to share stories, to meet old and new friends, to read a book and most importantly to sense a bit of home and normality. The deafening roar of fighter jets routinely interrupted coffee orders, but never did I hear an impatient groan. Tim Horton’s provided a sense of home and each coffee a sense of normality at Kandahar Airfield. To those who served coffees to my comrades and I you did more than provide coffee you served a bit of home.



Rick posted 2015-10-11 12:01pm

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Larissa posted 2015-10-09 8:56am

The issue I have with EthicalOil is that it makes Canada look like hypocritical <a href="http://yxcyqceewb.com">chmups</a> because we import almost as much oil as we export and most of that imported oil is so-called "conflict oil"."ethical oil doesn't cost any more than the foreign stuff".If that was the case, then we wouldn't be importing so very much oil from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Norway, etc.EthicalOil is a clever marketing ploy, and there are certainly worse violators out there, so sure, it's a good idea to help Big Oil make more profits which does ultimately benefit the rest of us. But I wonder about the net longterm effects of the campaign beyond bigger profits for oil US companies. If this actually turns people off of "conflict oil" then Canadians could end up paying a hell of a lot more at the pump.

Mike posted 2015-10-08 5:05am

Thank you, so sweet. Happy to hear. We have invested some time in this, so now it s time to put our feet up. At least for an hour or two ;)Enjoy your ctirshmas-preparations! I ll send you some snow e thoughts for you to enjoy in the heat. Love, Lena.

William Aaltink
billalt posted 2012-10-22 12:36pm

A good thing that Tim Hortons Supports our Brave Men in combat cause i'm shure it makes them feel a bit at home with Tim Hortons being there !! :)

Kelly Smith
ur_4love posted 2011-11-12 7:59am

Thank you for giving your all to bring Peace to our World. You truly are an inspiration.Kelly


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